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Who we are

Our research team is a partnership between the Green House, University of Bristol and SafeLives

The Bluestar Project Team
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Gemma is a mixed-methods researcher with a specialist interest in domestic abuse and sexual violence. Her research is grounded in experience of working frontline within the domestic abuse and sexual violence sector/s and reflects her commitment to survivor-led co-produced services. Gemma is the CEO of the Green House.

Dr Gemma Halliwell

Bluestar Project Lead, University of Bristol
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Susie is the Head of Research, Evaluation and Analysis at SafeLives. Outside this role, she is a Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor, with a focus on trauma. Susie has worked in safeguarding, mental health, and domestic and sexual violence for the past 22 years in varying roles, with survivors, those using harm and children and young people.

Susie Hay

Head of Research, SafeLives
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Jen is a researcher working in the domestic and sexual abuse sector and has experience in both quantitative and qualitative research methods. She has an interest in participatory approaches and advocating the authentic voice of survivors in research.

Jen Daw

Senior Research Analyst, SafeLives
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Emma is a Research Analyst at SafeLives. She is the pre-trial therapy research lead. She has recently completed an MSc in Socio-Legal Studies and has a background in family law specialising in child care proceedings and injunction applications for victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

Emma Retter

Research Analyst, SafeLives
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Lydia is a researcher with an interest and experience in exploring issues of gender, power, and violence. She is the online support research lead. Since graduating with an MA in gender studies, Lydia is committed to a career in the third sector and is currently working as a research analyst at the national domestic abuse charity, SafeLives.

Lydia Boyson

Research Analyst, SafeLives
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Thea is the Project Manager for Bluestar Project with a background in the creative sector and producing live performance. Thea is a particularly interested in the power of cross-sector collaboration between arts and survivor organisations, research, and sexual violence services, to improve support for survivors of sexual abuse and campaign for systemic change.

Thea Woodrow Davies

Project Manager & Beyond Therapy Festival Producer, Bluestar Project