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Beyond Therapy Podcast re-imagines society’s response to child sexual abuse through creativity and connection. Researcher and survivor Gemma Halliwell invites survivors, researchers, practitioners and creatives to join our community of strong and emerging voices


Episode 1: Being a survivor activist

In this first episode, we are joined by Viv Gordon. Viv is a survivor artist and activist, and we are talking about the importance of community, allyship and the power of the arts to raise the visibility of childhood sexual abuse – she is an incredible theatre-maker and champion of survivor-led artwork. Here are some relevant links to Viv and the resources that we cover:

Viv Gordon Company Viv Gordon’s TEDx talk SHaME Women and Girls Network Emma-Jayne Taylor Justice, Inequality and Gender Based Violence


Episode 2: Pre-trial Therapy

In this episode Gemma talks with Peter Jenkins and Maddie Nixon – specialists in pre-trial therapy – about the challenges facing survivors of childhood sexual abuse who need to access mental health support while their case is in the criminal justice system. Here are some links and resources that we cover:

Draft guidance on pre-trial therapy – Crown Prosecution Service

Examining the evidence for pre-trial therapy – Peter Jenkins & Maddie Nixon

A qualitative exploration of therapists’ experience of working therapeutically pre-trial within the Crown Prosecution Service guidelines with adult clients who have reported sexual violence – Maddie Nixon

Keeping Secrets: childhood sexual abuse and pre-trial therapy – Bluestar Project – The Green House

Pre-trial Therapy Protocol – Bluestar Project – The Green House & Harewood Consultancy

Pre-trial Therapy Note Keeping Guide – Bluestar Project – The Green House & Harewood Consultancy